As I rode out one morning fair,
To view the fields and take the air,
I met a charming maiden there,
A-walking all alone.

She boldly did invite me in,
She offered me a glass of gin.
She played a whistle made of tin,
With gay and merry tone

Her tunes brought magic to my feet.
Her smile was wild, her figure neat.
She gave to me some chocolate sweet --
I ate up every drop

"Young man," said she "Now you have dined,
Your heart will be forever mine
Unless the recipe you find
My magic for to stop."

For seven years I was her slave.
That magic potion I did crave --
And sparingly to me she gave
Each day the cursed taste.

I searched and searched, but could not find
The recipe she had in mind
In sorrow then I quite repined
My life a hopeless waste.

One day, I came across a book
Within the covers I did look
My hands with happy tremors shook
The recipe was found.

"Take half a pound of chocolate
Of heavy cream a double weight
Beat, beat the cream to fluffy state
And melt the chocolate down.

"Combine the two, allow to chill,
Then taste, ah, taste, and what a thrill!
T'will bend a lover to your will
If you but feed him this."

I told her then of what I'd read
She wept and hung her pretty head
"Will you be leaving, then?" she said
I gave to her a kiss.

"Should you prefer, I'll gladly stay
If you'll but give me, every day,
Some Chocolate Magic, and I pray
That happy we will be."

And thus we are (though somewhat plump
About the belly and the rump)
So, till they sound the Final Trump,
We'll live in gluttony.

© Heather Wood 1991
This recipe/poem appeared in Fantasy Cookbook, compiled by Doreen Webbert & Jean Goddin for the World Fantasy Convention, 1991.

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