My Favorite Things

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I made my first flight (at the age of ten), in a Tiger Moth biplane. The passenger occupies the front seat. Nothing has really seemed like flying since. I flew from Gatwick Airport when it was just a field with a small whitewashed control tower.


Continental (now United. *sigh*)


The Owl. I collect owl books and owl stuff, not just ornamental owls (of which I have many), but useful ones. Collected so far: ashtray, bell, belt buckle, biscuit tin, bookmark, boxes, brooches, candle, candle holder, clothes-brush holder, tin of cloves, cookie jar, door-knocker, earrings, egg-cosy, file holder, jigsaw puzzle, journal, key-ring, matchbox holder, mobile, money box, paper holder, pen holder, pendant, playing cards, salt and pepper shakers, scarf organizer, soap, sugar-bowl and creamer set, tea infuser, teapot, teapot with cup, tea-towel, toothpick holder, wind-chimes.
I have owls from China, Hawaii, Italy, Australia, England, and the US. Plus a bunch of books and a file of pictures.


Orange — or black


Cider. That's hard cider, the alcoholic sort. Now known as real cider to differentiate it from that limp American stuff. And white zinfandel. And Champagne.


Silk. I have something over 100 silk shirts.


Foie Gras. And zabaglione. Oh, and crepes Suzette. And fish rillettes, a dish they make at the Angkor Palace Resort & Spa in Cambodia.

Fantasy writer

Terry Pratchett, chronicler of the Discworld.


Fairport Convention. I was one of the singers under consideration to join them after Judy Dyble left, but I suggested they ask Sandy Denny instead. Every so often, I sing at the Cropredy Festival.


The Saint (Simon Templar, aka Sebastian Tombs), from the books by Leslie Charteris. I have 28 of them.


Venetia, from the eponymous novel by Georgette Heyer.


Angkor Palace Resort & Spa in Cambodia.

Internet Search Engine

Google. What else?

Motor Car / Automobile

1936 Morris 8. I don't have one, but I do own a copy of the Operation Manual, and a Brooke Bond (tea) Picture Card, and I can dream.


Bambi. Or maybe Dumbo.

Mystery Writer

Sarah Caudwell (Hilary Tamar series), Jonathan Gash (Lovejoy series), Georgette Heyer, Dorothy Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey series)


Biggles'. James Bigglesworth (Biggles) is a character in a series of books by Capt. W.E. Johns. Biggles started flying in WWI, and flew again in WWII, with many adventures between the wars and after 1945. Many British WWII fighter pilots said they learned much of their combat tactics from reading Biggles. I have over 40 Biggles books.

Romance Writer

Georgette Heyer. I have 28 of her books, plus a short story, and 12 mysteries.


Chocolate. Note careful avoidance of the English/American sweets or candies choice.




London Zoo.
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